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Lindera Farms Vinegar Bottle - 200ml



The ingredients from Lindera Farms are raised in a non-interventionist process, they don't introduce anything to the growing process, no chemicals and no fertilizers, just about the only thing done is some grass mowing about twice a year. Basically, they are subject to the whims of the environment completely; think Darwinian farming. The positives of this practice are that you get these stronger, more resilient, more flavorful fruits, herbs, and flowers with no carbon footprint or residual impact to the environment. The result? Mind-blowing.

Flavor Profile: Medium acidity, savory.
Tasting Notes: Super savory - notes of garlic, ramp, leek, onion, pickled jalapeño, masa (cornmeal), sour cream. 
Kitchen Pairings: This is a vastly complex, medium acidity vinegar with garlicky notes, so think of it as a substitute anywhere you might use lemon and garlic in a dish.
Bar Pairings: Makes a good addition to Bloody Mary’s, Martini’s, Gibsons, and more savory cocktails.


Paw Paw:
Flavor Profile: Medium acidity, medium sweetness
Tasting Notes: Fruity and caramely, with notes of mango, banana, passion fruit, and butterscotch
Kitchen Pairings: Versatile; can be used basically anywhere you would use honey and/or an apple cider vinegar.
Bar Pairings: See above; works especially well with tiki drinks, but pretty much works anywhere.

Flavor Profile: Medium-high acidity, low sweetness
Tasting Notes: Citrus and wood driven. Notes of oak, maple, navel orange, lemongrass, and honeydew.
Kitchen Pairings: Works as an excellent substitute to citrus where called for in a recipe.
Bar Pairings: Gin and Vodka friendly; use in Vodka/Gin & Tonics, Aviations, French 75, carbonated beverages, sparkling wine. Good substitute for orange/Meyer Lemon juice.

Flavor Profile: Medium acidity, low sweetness.
Tasting Notes: Earthy and fruity - Think banana, French oak, and blackberry. 
Kitchen Pairings: Think of this like a very robust red wine vinegar; anywhere you'd apply red wine vinegar, this will be a more lively, elegant substitute.