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Twill Sisal Nesting Baskets


Using strands of natural and hand-dyed sisal, female artisans in rural Kenya weave this stylish set of nesting baskets by hand. The baskets are known for their ability to be re-shaped, as well as their durability and all-natural composition.



Small -  6"D x 6"T

Medium - 8"D x 8"T

Large - 10"D x 10"T.

Due to the handcrafted nature of this item, some variation may occur. 





Be careful when stacking your baskets as this can alter their shape. Keep your basket dry, they’re all made from natural materials so will deteriorate if they get damp. If using your basket as a plant pot, be sure to either line it with thick plastic or keep your plant in a smaller plastic pot on a saucer. Keep away from direct sunlight to keep the colors bright. The dyed sisal will fade if exposed to strong sunlight, although this effect can be really pretty!