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Ramp And Green Chile Hot Sauce


The ingredients from Lindera Farms are raised in a non-interventionist process, they don't introduce anything to the growing process, no chemicals and no fertilizers, just about the only thing done is some grass mowing about twice a year. Basically, they are subject to the whims of the environment completely; think Darwinian farming. The positives of this practice are that you get these stronger, more resilient, more flavorful fruits, herbs, and flowers with no carbon footprint or residual impact to the environment. The result? Mind-blowing.


Tasting Notes: Fruity, garlicky, sour and earthy, with notes of mango, passion fruit, leek, garlic, onion, and of course the peppers themselves. 

Usage: This is a great cooking hot sauce, adding a ton of flavor to just about anything.  This will contribute a good amount of heat but the flavor profile is complex enough to fit anywhere you would add garlic and chiles.



Customer Review:

"I love sauces and this one is my new favorite!  So far I have tried it with eggs, tacos,  and as a bread dip - they were all delicious!  I have only had the sauce for 24 hours and will continue to explore what else to use it with. I can envision mixing it with EVOO to make a spicy dressing for greens, or as a great compliment for shrimp, chicken, or pork.  Here are some words of how I would describe it:

  • It is the kind of spice everyone needs in their life!
  • Just the right amount of spice 
  • The combination of peppers and ramps is perfectly balanced- a bit of kick with a garlicky zing!"