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Placemat Cotton & Linen Warp Faced


For those who feel the good ol’ tablecloth is from a bygone age, here’s something to lift your setting…  

Whether it’s a quiet dinner in, or a few guests around the table, we’ve got you covered (well your table at least…). Colorful, contemporary and easy to clean, they’re the perfect mealtime complement. 

A tabletop addition designed to decorate, protect and entertain, our Warp Stripe Placements also feature a true selvedge. Particular only to looms that use a shuttle, a selvedge is a tightly woven, non-fraying edge. The result is a placemat with a classic finish, that requires no extra hemming.

Featuring a cotton warp and a linen weft – a formidable fibre combination that gives your Mungo mats a suitable handle that’s built for longevity.

Anything else? They’re reversible. So both sides look just as good – even if you slop a bit of sauce on it…

So there you have it: a backdrop to your breakfast, or some colour beneath your chicken curry.  Something for the entertainers. Or for those who (like us) think a casual meal in is worth elevating.

Machine washable.



16″ x 14″



Linen & Cotton



  • 40' Machine wash
  • Warm iron
  • Tumble dry at low heat