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Picnic Blanket, Cotton Rib Weave


2020 gave us a lot to think about… for some, we learnt the value of gathering around our own tables – to appreciate the great indoors a little more.
For others, nature provided respite and rejuvenation.

Either way, there’s something to be said about picking out a selection of tasty eats and enjoying them in a cosy or scenic spot – all atop a fine cloth. So with that in mind, we’ve added a new addition to our range: the Picnic Blanket.

As comfortable on a lawn or beach, or strung between two trees as a hammock, it also makes for a great homeside oasis-maker. Compact enough to carry on a weekend getaway, hike or trip to the sea, and large enough to socially distance between you and your friend… We’ve even seen ours strung up as a baby swing.

Our Picnic Blanket is woven with a classic tabby weave – using four colours in the warp strands. We’ve selected one of our thickest cotton yarns to ensure a finish that lasts you through the years. So forget about snagging your Picnic Blanket on a pesky bramble, or having it gnawed to smithereens by your neighbouring picnic-er’s lovable Lab. The tight weave helps to repel sand, so you needn’t bring home the beach on your next seaside excursion…

We’ve added an attractive leather strap for easy and compact carrying. Locally produced by sustainable leather manufacturers in the Garden Route, our straps are free-range and undyed. Now you can roll your blanket up snug and stylishly, and live out your best (socially distant) food sharing dreams.

If the last few months have been anything but a picnic, maybe this versatile adventure companion will give you a chance to kick off your shoes, rewind and relax.



  • 67″x 67″



100% Cotton, Leather Strap



  • 40' Machine wash