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Maxime Flatware Set - 16 Piece


MAXIME Flatware Set – 16 Piece, with its slender silhouette, understated colors and softly curved details, is a beautiful interpretation of a tableware classic, designed by Theresa Rand. MAXIME is created with the humble ambition to please the eye as well as stand the test of daily use. Thanks to the tactile resin handles, the pieces sit comfortably in the hand with a beautiful stainless steel counterweight utensil at the top. The handles  are made of a combination of matte brushed stainless steel and a synthetic resin, POM, which is used to produce precision parts.

In addition to their pleasant feel, the handles are scratch-resistant, easy to clean and dishwasher-safe. 



Set contains four of each.

Fork: L 20cm x H 1.7cm x W 2.5cm

Knife: L 22cm x H 1cm x 1.7cm

Tea Spoon: L 15cm x H 1.5cm x W 3cm

Soup Spoon: L 20cm x H 2.5cm x W 4cm


Dishwasher safe.

Cleaning instructions: we recommend not to use any caustic or aggressive cleaning agents. When washing by hand, please clean the product in the direction of the brushed surface to avoid the risk of scratches on the surface. Never use steel wool, abrasive sponges or hard brushes as they may scratch the flatware. After cleaning, we recommend to dry the cutlery with a soft cloth in the direction of the finish. However, we advise against polishing in order to preserve the special matte appearance of the surface.