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Morning Buzz Gift Bundle


Let us do the thinking for you + give the gift of our Morning Buzz Gift Bundle!  

This carefully curated 4-piece Morning Buzz Gift Bundle includes some of our best selling products that help you start the day off right - Ceramic To-Go Coffee Cup, Mud House Coffee, Swoden Tin + Coffee Cocoa Cherry Biscottis.  It makes a wonderful gift for any coffee-lover in your life. 


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Retail Value: $60.50


Ceramic To-Go Coffee Cup - 12oz - $27

No plastic, barista approved and Australia Designed. The most environmentally friendly, reusable coffee cup on the market. Great for milk coffees, long blacks or tea, our large 12 oz Claycup is a great utility cup. Comes complete with lid and silicon band.


Mud House Coffee  - Teshome Gemechu - $16

The Teshome Gemechu washing station is located in the Guji Zone of Ethiopia, outside the city of Kerch. The coffee is comprised of heirloom Ethiopian varietals grown at an altitude of 1,850m, and fully washed. This coffee is incredibly sweet with notes of toasted almond, white peach, and brown sugar.


Swoden Tin - $10

This colorful steel container comes with a fitted lid in contrasting hues. Suitable for storing coffee and other dry foods.


Coffee Cocoa Cherry Biscottis - $7.50

A Pimento Catering's Coffee Cocoa Cherry Biscottis are fragrant + perfect with your afternoon coffee or tea, or perhaps a glass of vin santo. Sold in a pack of six.