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Gardener's Gift Bundle


Let us do the thinking for you + give the gift of our Gardener's Gift Bundle!  

This carefully curated 5-piece Gardener's Gift Bundle includes some of our best selling tools + gardening products - Gardening Tool Brush, Carbon Steel Curved Knife, Planto 1L Watering Can, 10" Round Trivet, + Indoor Green: Living with Plants.  It makes a wonderful gift for any garderner in your life. Green thumb not included!


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Retail Value: $178.95


Gardening Tool Brush - $15.00

This special brush removes soil, plant remains, and other dirt from any gardening tools as well as gardening boots. With its wooden scraper and stiff plant fiber, it perfectly cleans all gardening tools and machinery without scratching or damaging the paintwork or metal.


Carbon Steel Curved Knife - $34.00

Pallares Curved Harvest knife. Carbon steel blade with a durable beech wood handle. Made for agricultural work, harvesting fruits and vegetables.


Planto 1L Watering Can - $78.00

Made out of sleek stainless steel, the PLANTO 1L Watering Can gives the task of watering plants a contemporary angle. The long, bottom-placed spout maximizes water flow and directs it exactly where it"s needed. Plus, with its comfortable curves, the handle on top allows for easy carrying and easy pouring.


10" Round Trivet - $22


Indoor Green: Living with Plants - $29.95

For centuries, plants have transformed interiors, and today plant-filled homes are filling up our Instagram feeds. With Indoor Green, author and retailer Bree Claffey explores the interior worlds of fellow plant lovers and the enduring attraction of houseplants. From the ever-reliable peace lily and beguiling fiddle-leaf fig to the elusive Chinese money plant, Indoor Green makes it obvious that even the humblest greenery can transform a home.

Houseplants add romance to any room. Within the pages of Indoor Green, gorgeous photographs of interiors from across the globe―divided into chapters such as “Plant Music,” “How to Grow Fresh Air,” and “Plant Portraits,” make the magic easy to replicate in one’s own home. Interviews of indoor green enthusiasts appear in this paperback alongside the imagery, as well as tips on caring for plants and an index of plant varieties. More than good-looking props, plants are living, growing, joyful things rooted in creativity―and Indoor Green makes it obvious that even the humblest greenery can transform a home.

Illustrated in color throughout