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Eco-Conscious Laundry Pod Sample Pack


Nature first by aiure has uniquely concentrated and formulated the soap berry's highly-functional botanical saponin surfactants into ONE effective, economic, convenient, stain-removing-fabric-softening laundry detergent pod that is completely safe for our bodies, water and ecosystems. Our laundry solution washes fabric and sanitizes the laundry drum, too, leaving no residue on washing machines, linens, and skin or in the water, soil and air. 



3 pods per bag


Wild-Harvested Berry Concentrate™   Nature First by aiure’s soapy extraction from Sapindus mukorossi fruit
Sodium Carbonate  intensifies cleaning
Sodium Percarbonate  cleans, brightens + removes stains + odors
Sodium Silicate  removes water hardness + prevents mineral deposits on fabric
Silica  keeps powder formula soft
Non-GMO Enzymes  removes oil, starch + protein-based stains
Aloe vera  softens fabric
Polyvinyl Alcohol  biodegradable pod material


For both front- and top-loading conventional and HE compatible washing machines: place one pod into your washing machine drum (not dispenser), then add laundry. For larger or heavily soiled loads, use two pods. Follow garment care instructions for water temperature. 

For best results, do not overstuff your machine. This can throw off your water-to-clothes ratio and make it difficult to properly clean garments.

Take care to reseal your compostable bag after each use. Store in a cool, dry area away from high humidity and excessive moisture. Optimal temperature range 40-76°F (4-24°C).