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Spellbound White Rocks Glass


Drinks taste better when they're served in a beautiful glass.  Our patterns are designed with Mid Century Modern styles in mind.  They fully wrap around each glass ensuring that your drink looks good from any angle.  Because we use modern technology to print our designs, the glasses have a raised texture which makes them feel great in the hand.  This new technology also ensures that the designs won't fade over time, and makes the glasses dishwasher safe as well!  

Inspired by Mid Century infinity art, our Spellbound White Rocks glasses feature two touching bands of inverted and nested half circle white lines.  The pattern forms a series of peek-a-boo flared diamond spaces in the center of the glass to show off your drink! 



3 1/2” h x 3 1/4” d






Made in the USA



Hand Wash or Top Rack Dishwasher Safe