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Baker's Basics Gift Bundle



Let us do the thinking for you + give the gift of our Baker's Basics Gift Bundle!  

This carefully curated 4-piece Baker's Basics Gift Bundle includes some of our best baking basics - Bistro Linen Half Apron, Linen Tea Towel, Swoden Tin, + The Art of Cake. It makes a wonderful gift for any baker in your life!


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Retail Value: $61.95


Bistro Linen Half Apron - No Pleat, Square Hem - $35

This is your go to apron when you need to feel serious about domestic anything. We recommend a different color for each day of the week to encourage productivity and add that pop of color to whatever you are wearing. Cellphones, plant shears and baby monitors alike fit easily in the generous pockets. All aprons are hand crafted of fine French linen and wash beautifully.


Linen Tea Towel - $15

Our generous 100% linen towels are custom made for Be Just in a brilliant assortment of colors for any kitchen needs. Mitered 1" hem stays flat after washing. These are chic starched crisply or used straight from the dryer for a more casual look.


Swoden Tin - $10

This colorful steel container comes with a fitted lid in contrasting hues. Suitable for storing coffee and other dry foods.


The Art of Cake: The Crème de la Crème of the World's Favorite Desserts - $19.95

For dessert lovers everywhere, a mouthwatering illustrated history of cakes from around the globe.

Discover fifty of the most beloved cakes from around the world in this delectable guide to a classic dessert. Each delicacy comes to life through the charming writing and delightful illustrations of Alice Oehr, who has fun facts and origin stories for everything from Boston cream pie and Baked Alaska to tiramisu and Black Forest cake.

With Oehr, cake becomes so much more than its flavor. Ingredients reflect the time and place in which the recipe was developed, baking methods are a testament to long-standing tradition, and decorations embrace the creativity inherent in favorite desserts. Together, these are the touches that make each cake so cherished in its country of origin.

For readers who want to roll up their sleeves and head straight to the kitchen, Oehr offers an appendix of easy-to-follow, homespun recipes. Whether you dream of baking a classic, aspire to a grandiose new dessert, or just want to revel in the sheer volume of glorious cakes that the world has to offer, this book is for you.

Illustrated in color throughout.