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Handmade Ceramic Dinnerware


Pretty enough for entertaining, durable enough for life. Designed to be used everyday in your home and kitchen. Kids, roommates, dinner parties- these dishes can handle it all. All of our ceramics are completely food safe, there is no lead and no harmful chemicals in any of our glazes. 



Each item is handmade individually. Glaze varies from batch to batch and exact sizes can fluctuate within a 1/4 inch.


Bowl: approx. 5.5” diameter, 3” tall. Holds about 14-16 oz. 

Saucy Plate: approx. 9.75" in diameter, 1 inch tall

Dinner Plate: approx. 11" in diameter,

Mug: approx. 3.5” wide + 4.25” tall. Holds about 16 oz. 



Depending on your beverage or food and microwave usage these ceramics may get hot. Please be careful when taking them out of the microwave or serving hot beverages in your mugs and cups.

These ceramics should not be placed in the oven or used on the stove top. The direct heat can cause ceramics to crack.